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Trade 184 | Massachusetts | with Katherine and Jeremy… Alright I realise that lately a lot of trades have been weddings… The simple reason being, I’m a sucker for love, so I say yes to a lot of weddings… That’s all the mushiness you’ll get out of me for now.
Massachusetts (you have no idea how many times I had to write this State before spelling it right)
Repeat trade | Morocco | with Villa Baoussala, a beautiful oasis near the coastal town of Essaouira. I did a trade here last year and made sure if I ever had a chance to trade here again, I’d trade for a few days to relax in the hammocks and enjoy chasing camels… So I did.
Trade 183 | Morocco | with Honkie and Bas… It’s true what they say about weddings… Unless of course you heard wrong.
Hello Morocco.
Trade 182 | Ireland | with Chupi and Brian. It’s weddings like this that make me all mush inside and excited for all the wedding trades coming up towards the end of the year. The word love needs to be reinvented so there are no corny undertones. VELO is what I’ll call it. Love with no corn. This wedding had so much velo, I could barely stay focused.
Trade 181 | California | with @roadtripnation | This is Legend, the first RV to travel the USA with the founders of Roadtrip Nation. These guys believe in creating your own road in life and not having to follow a mould to ‘succeed’. Check them out through your trusty friend google…
Arrivederci Portland!
Rest | The Pixel Trade updates have been quiet for the last week… This is why:
After 26 months of continues travelling, just over 230 photo shoots completed, 180 original trades done and 5 of the 7 continents visited numerous times, I thought it was time I have a rest. For one week now I’ve been laying low in Portland, Oregon, doing the one thing I don’t get much time to do on the road, rest, clear my mind and recharge. Thanks to @georgiafrancesking for letting me bunk in her pad and showing me some cool areas of Portland. On Thursday a trade will fly me to California and The Pixel Trade will continue with a bang, road trip style. Also something new will be born on the website next month, stay tuned. News update, coming live from Oregon.
Trade 180 | Sequim | with Ankur and Mimou… That is a metal detector in his hand, that is a barn with hay in it and he is searching for a wedding ring he lost the night before. It kind of brings a modern twist to the ‘needle in a haystack’ story… Not to mention this was the day before his best friends wedding, very fitting.