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Repeat trade | Brisbane | with Lisa De Cosse Brissac. I walked into the room and saw this enormous wheel. My mind clouded over to create a dreamy visual memory of a sailing trip with wind cutting through sails, the motion of the ocean, our boat moving along at speeds similar to that of a turkey being chased by a kangaroo!!! But this was no helm, this was a printing press wheel which creates another kind of mysticism.
Trade 157 | Tahbilk | with @grownandgathered | The weddings I love to photograph are the ones that don’t put any importance on having photographs that interfere with the reason for having a wedding. It’s a celebration not a photoshoot and should be captured in that exact way. This was at 4am when the bride, groom and their dog Pepper made the voyage across the river on their ‘just married’ canoe to their teepee.
Trade 157 | Sydney | with @zanaobscura / @thebiophiles | This little lady trades with her friends. She makes amazing hanging plant organisms and exchanges them for her friends art or secret surf location tours or in this photograph you can see a small stack of plates she traded for. We didn’t exchange plants because Customs in different countries would have a toot if I strolled in there with green, but I did capture her exchanges instead.
Repeat Trade | Sydney | with @koskela_ | lets face it, a lot of company slogans are bullshit, Koskela on the other hand are exactly everything they claim to be and I have the utmost respect for this company. Look forward to clicking for them when the calendar shows another time.
Trade 155 | Sydney | With @handkraftedco | I’ve been spending a lot of time with Artisans over this project and when I was introduced to Handkrafted, I thought the idea was so spot and perfect for pretty much anyone who creates or needs something created. Their instagram is about to kick off, until then hit up the growing website
India came and went as fast as my first time wrapped in linen with a naked women… Well not that fast, I think 5 days in Linen would be kind of ultra tantric-like. Anyway the point being… Adios India. Until another trade.
Trade 154 | Jaipur | with Shelley Boyd. I learnt something about handmade during this trade that changed a few things…
I landed in India a few days ago and am happy to say I’ve reached Asia, the fifth continent in The Pixel Trade project. I haven’t made or spent a cent for 21 months. Two more continents to go. Cheers everyone for following the journey. A very busy year coming up.
Trade 153 | Melbourne | with @carpenters_daughter | every 6 months it would seem as though I end up trading at @butterland_ but for different people. This time was for these killer aprons designed by @camillemoirsmith | the girl sitting there staring at tiles on the ground is @charliebrophy and I think it was the only moment she was still.
Trade 152 | Tasmania | With ‘A Festival Called Panama’ | I woke up every morning in the forest and strolled around the tiny 1000 person capacity music festival. A unique experience, a unique festival and some damn cool moves from Charles Bradley.