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Trade 180 | Sequim | with Ankur and Mimou… That is a metal detector in his hand, that is a barn with hay in it and he is searching for a wedding ring he lost the night before. It kind of brings a modern twist to the ‘needle in a haystack’ story… Not to mention this was the day before his best friends wedding, very fitting.
Good Afternoon Washington State and your fine low laying clouds…
Trade 179 | Germantown | with Zach and Rebecah… Upstate New York has got some fine moves, as does Zach and Rebecah on the dance floor… at 2am on their wedding day… Beautiful humans.
Hola… Adios… I’ll only see you from a distance this visit captain Manhattan.
Trade 178 | Nevada City | with Julia and Andrew, the wedding trades are on fire over the next few weeks and this was a little taste of the fun ahead… This is the moment the bridesmaids were feeding the bride… Lipstick.
Trade 177 | California | with Shanu Walsh, a friend of mine doing a 4 month road trip from California down to Guatemala . We wanted to hang out for a few days while he was State side, so we made it a trade and hit the north lands of California for a few days. The flying body here is about to get a relief from 40 degree Celsius heat (approx 105 Fahrenheit) because of Blue Lake below. Fly boy.
Trade 176 | Santiago De Compostela | Cooling the bride the traditional way…
Trade 176 | Madrid | with Rebecca who will be a 9 day trade starting with a hens weekend in Madrid and finishing with a bang in Santiago De Compostela… Spain you are a beautiful thing.
Hola Madrid!
Goodbye San Francisco | it was a groovy two days. See you in ten days again…